The 50th EWOPA Jubilee conference, Helsinki

Aika: 23.-25.5.2019
Paikka: Uusi Lastensairaala, Helsinki

EWOPA (European working group on Psychosocial Aspects of Children with Chronic Renal Failure) organizes the 50th EWOPA Jubilee conference in Helsinki on May 2019.

The conference's main issues are the psycho-social aspects of children with different stages of chronic kidney disease including those on dialysis and transplanted.

We welcome the multi professional renal team members from all over Europe; nurses, pediatric nephrologists, social workers, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, music therapists, dietitians, physiotherapists.

The proposed topics are

  • quality of life, and how to measure it
  • the impact of media to forward medical information
  • transition: when and how to do it
  • siblings' needs
  • sport activities in CRF patients
  • the problems of poor growth
  • information material for patients and families

More information about the conference and registration can be found at

On behalf of the organizing committee

Prof. Hannu Jalanko

New Children's Hospital,
Helsinki University Hospital, Finland